About Consurfvation

CONSURFVATION-DEFINITION-1Consurfvation ™ brand was created by designer Robert Lipton. This brand which is focusing on conservation of the various water sources of the planet.Consurfvation™ works in conjunction with its 4 beneficiaries: Waves 4 WaterLA Waterkeeper5 Gyres, and Gulf of Mexico Foundation.

As a way to express his desire to create awareness for need to bring positive change to these countless water sources Robert went back to his early days in college where he owned and operated a silk screen shop supplying T-shirts which he designed and printed to Southwest Texas State University, University of Texas and various fraternities throughout the Texas area. Robert was the designer and owner/operator helping himself get through the college years. Of course “getting through the college years” is relative, this meant money for water ski’s, jet ski’s, motor cycles, a boat, etc… you get the idea!  Robert loved being on the lake, in the Gulf of Mexico, at the beach and as an adult moved to Santa Monica, California where he also fell in love with the Pacific Ocean.

Robert Lipton broke his neck in a diving accident at Lake Livingston in 1992 becoming a C-7 quadriplegic.Robert felt compelled to never let this stop him from anything in life so… he began learning computer skills to keep his artistic juices flowing and mastered the many mediums of art as well as computer generated art forms that there were out there for him.  In California Robert has designed for companies in numerous ways such as Warner Brothers, Fox Broadcasting, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Fox Corporate, Newscorp, Wonderland Sound and Vision, Nickelodeon, CBS, and the UFC Ultimate Fighting. Robert designed and implemented production of all on air apparel and on site venue merchandise for Speed TV for 4 consecutive years including designing the online store.


SOOOOO…  the result of all of the years he spent doing all of this for everyone under the sun is the clothing line he created Consurfvation™.  Consurfvation™ is clothing that can be worn by everyone with an edge, that is both charitable and very hip. This line can be worn by young and old who want to show their concern for preserving our greatest natural resource on our planet.tags